The Heart of It

The song “The Heart of Worship” has been on my heart and mind recently. It speaks of coming back to the heart of worship. A place where it is simple and pure, not burdened with a string of dos and don’ts or a formula deemed necessary for success.

The power of this song right now in my life isn’t a coincidence. It’s like a flashlight shining in a dark corner that desperately needed to see light.

I started running as a naïve little high school freshman with a soccer background. With each passing year, I gained greater understanding of the sport. Year by year, the “necessary” ingredients for running success stacked up, leaving me with a laundry list of things to do and formulas to follow. With each addition to the list, I got further away from the simplicity of it all.

Coming back from surgery has invited me back into the simplicity. While it may have been against my will (and some days it feels like I am kicking and screaming my way through it), I am slowly emerging into a place of appreciation. There is a freedom that comes from throwing away the laundry list and re-defining what it looks like. It isn’t perfect and it’s seems a lot messier than before, but there is so much joy in the midst of it.

I am re-discovering the simplicity of it all, exchanging a burdensome to do list for a beautiful sense of freedom. It feels scary to let go, but letting go is unlocking my heart and mind, opening up possibilities that otherwise may have passed by. I am coming back to the heart of it, embracing this place, and seeing where it leads.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve given up on the running dreams that naïve Christine started to formulate all those years ago just yet. I’m rather choosing to enjoy a version of running I have not been able to experience in a very long time, one of simplicity and growth.


4 thoughts on “The Heart of It

  1. Christine, reading your post, I felt immediately connected to your story and compelled to share a piece I recently wrote for Competitor Magazine with you. I’ve been in your shoes, and I want you to know that you are in a great place of optimism and self-discovery. Stay strong and stay hopeful! The rest will come 🙂

    The universe works in wonderful ways, and that I landed on your blog when I did is nothing short of perfect timing. You go girl, keep your dreams in sight! All the best.

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