Courage Looks Like Something

In the last few weeks, this is a phrase I’ve repeated over and over and over. Whenever I feel discouraged and doubt floods in, I remind myself of this and as hard as it is, I will continue to choose courage.

Courage means saying yes to the unknown and uncomfortable and trusting that it’s where I am supposed to be. As a homebody and creature of habit, I much prefer safe and comfortable decisions. But I want to challenge myself to grow and growth happens in the midst of the unknown. So I am saying yes when I’d rather run (or, in reality, hobble) the opposite way.

Right now saying yes means living in Seattle. This topic deserves a blog of its own in the future. Oiselle has generously offered me a job as I continue to heal and process next steps. The value and support they have extended to me in this season leaves me speechless. I knew beforehand that Oiselle is unlike other companies, but their unwavering support in the midst of this injury has cemented that. Everyone at HQ has welcomed me with open arms. The joy I feel being at the office somehow outweighs the very little enthusiasm I have for Seattle’s incessant rain. 🙂 I will mainly be helping with customer service and bringing treats to Monday morning staff meetings.

While I may not know exactly what my next steps will be, I keep reminding myself that courage looks like something. For now, I am finding the courage to challenge myself in new ways, celebrate the blessing of an incredible work environment, and maybe even find ways to appreciate the rain.


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