Honoring What You Have

I am reading a book entitled Daring Greatly and a quote in explained exactly what I’ve feeling in this season of life but couldn’t put to words. Brené Brown writes about lessons she learned from people who have gone through hardships and losses. One of the lessons was to “be grateful for what you have and celebrate it. When you honor what you have, you’re honoring what I’ve lost” (125).

OiselleBirdCamp2015**-50I started thinking about this in regards to running and it is so true. I am in a period of life where I’ve temporarily “lost” my ability to run. Most runners are eaten alive when they can’t run for even just a few days. I am totally fine doing nothing. I’ve decided that I am the “craziest non-crazy” runner out there.

But, I still smile when I see people running because they are enjoying something that I presently can’t do. I feel honored in this time of injury when they cherish their ability to be out there running healthfully. I want to hear about their good workout or see their excitement about a new training breakthrough. It is a reminder that they are not taking running for granted and in that, they honor me.

So for those of you who run, thank you for appreciating the days when you get to lace up your shoes and run. Seeing you celebrate the milestones you’re reaching and find joy in the process encourages me. It honors where I am at and gives me hope for the future.


2 thoughts on “Honoring What You Have

  1. Brene’s book is fantastic. Her work taught me what vulnerability actually is, and showed me I actually practice it daily. It was mind blowing. I’m looking forward to reading the follow up, “Rising Strong.”
    Hope your return to running goes well!

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