Crutch Free!! 10 weeks Post-Op

IMG_2968Today I am crutch free!! In some moments, it feels hard to believe that 10 weeks have already gone by. But boy am I glad they have! I never thought I would be excited to be in a walking boot, but after 10 weeks on crutches a walking boot sounds like an incredible upgrade!

Being on crutches has given me a greater compassion and appreciation for people who go through life or seasons of life with a disability. It has also given me a new perspective on things I wouldn’t have noticed before.

-People want an intense story of what happened (I’m taking suggestions, just for entertainment value.)
-Humanity is kind. People are always willing to lend a hand.
-A bathroom sign should not say it is handicap accessible if the door is so heavy you can barely open it.
-Airports. Ugh.
-Muscle atrophy is alarming.
-I would be rich if someone would have paid me every time someone talked to me about my injury.
-Who decided that handicap stalls should be at the back of every bathroom? Isn’t it a feat enough to make it into the bathroom, let alone crutch to the very end to get to the stall?
-Electric carts at grocery stores are never charged. What’s worse, actually using the cart or being stranded in the middle of the store like a helpless babe when the cart dies?…the jury is still out on that one.
IMG_2903-If you crutch into a road to cross the street, cars stop like you have a plague. Crossing streets couldn’t be better!
-You are never too old to get on your hands and knees and crawl.
-Being open to accepting help is humbling over and over and over. It never felt easier, but it was good practice.
-One crutch is about as lame as it looks, but is a necessary transition.
-There is joy in the midst of every moment, even the hard ones.

Overall, I have learned to be present and live in the moment. As cliché as that sounds when someone tells you, it is so true. I wouldn’t have chosen 10 weeks on crutches, but I couldn’t change it. Accepting the crutches as my new reality and finding ways to adjust made the last 10 weeks way more enjoyable. Now off to 10 more weeks of practicing this in the walking boot! With 2 legs the world is my oyster (but as a 12 year old so kindly reminded me, I still can’t run a 5k). haha.