This is a season for me of humbling. I am learning humility in more ways than I thought possible. It is uncomfortable, but so important at the same time.

I am daily humbled by having to ask for help, in learning to accept help, and in being grateful for people’s attempts to help. I am working on communicating where I am and the uncertainty of the future and being okay with that, despite how unknown and scary it feels. I have tipped over on a knee scooter, climbed groceries up stairs, and elevated my leg in all sorts of not so appropriate ways in public. And, lest I forget, my impressive newfound ability to take down displays in grocery stores while riding the electric carts (which, might I add, move at an incredibly pedestrian pace).

For someone who likes to fly under the radar, I am an attention magnet. Despite my attempts to not stand out, crutches seem to scream “look at me” and apparently demand that you “tell me your story about that time you were on crutches“ (or your brother’s, parent’s, or great aunt second removed’s stories). Most days I wish I could go unnoticed, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option. Maybe if I died my hair bright purple people would be so distracted by that they would miss the crutches. 😉

But since bright purple hair dying isn’t in the cards for the imminent future, humility it is! I know one day I will look back fondly at all the ways I was humbled during this time and consider myself blessed.


3 weeks Post-Op

Today marks 3 weeks post-op. It feels like it has been an eternity, but at the same time, has flown by. Hopefully time starts to fly faster so I will be back on my feet soon. But until then, I will share my reflections along the way…

-single leg ninja balancing abilities come out of no where
-packing becomes a lot easier when you can only wear shorts, dresses, or skirts over the boot and only need the right shoe
-calf muscles shrink at an alarming rate…I could get my whole hand down the cast after 2 weeks
IMG_3582-crutches mean a backpack is your new best friend so you can carry things
-you have an excuse to get out of household chores
-everything takes exponentially longer (but may actually provide a valid excuse for being late)
-the knee scooter is a life safer (when inside, otherwise it is a health hazard)
-people go out of their way to help you. unless you are in a grocery store, then hunger rages and you get death stares until you move. 😉
-sometimes all you can to do is laugh and make fun of yourself