Learning to Embrace Where I Am

I’ve always said that I have learned more in times of injury than I would have ever learned if I was healthy. But in all honesty, this injury has shaken me to the core. It has challenged me to really examine if I still believe that to be true.

At some point you have to have learned all that you can learn from times of injury, right? I mean seriously…I did the whole 6 months off, pedestrian-paced build-up last year. And here I am again, staring at the reality of beginning that all over again. What’s left to learn?

FullSizeRender-1Apparently a lot. In the last 6 days on crutches, I am already beginning to see the lessons. My eyes have been opened to the strength of the run community, the importance of being vulnerable, and how to reach out when I need support. I can’t isolate myself and try to endure this on my own little island, even though that may feel safer. Honesty is sometimes awkward. But that is why we are made to live in community, so that when we get through those awkward moments, we can look back and laugh. I am also learning to be humble enough to ask for help, grateful for the army around me ready to help, and gracious when attempts to help go awry. 😉

I know the lessons will keep coming. As much as I want to fight this process, it is out of my control. I have to surrender to the healing process, accept my limited mobility and establish a new norm. I have to open my eyes to the opportunities for growth around me and embrace this undesired, but purposeful period of my life. I will learn just as much through this time of injury as previous ones and I will be better for going through it when it is over. And I am writing this to convince myself of these things as much as anything.


My grateful appreciation to all those who have stood by my side and will continue to do so in the coming months! May we learn together and have laughs to share from the awkward moments that unfold! 🙂


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