Home. A simple, 4 letter word that holds so much power. As a home-body, home is where I thrive. I love being home, being invested in the community where I live, having a home church, knowing the ins and outs of the city, etc. While I also enjoy traveling and exploring new places (and am so thankful to have the opportunity), there is something so amazing about being home.

Last year we spent 2 months training in Arizona in the winter and I struggled. It was hard for me to be away from my home for that long. I expected that it would be isolating being away from my community and then it was, but in the midst of it I learned a lot about how my expectations affect the outcome. I was determined to take this lesson and change my expectations moving forward.

As we were preparing to come to New Mexico for training this year, I started to get nostalgic about leaving. I LOVE home. I remembered our time in Arizona and knew that I did not want to repeat that. I was reflecting on last year and was reminded of a truth that I am carrying with me this time:

There is abundance in the midst of every season.

No matter where we are, what we are experiencing in life (or not experiencing that we want to see), or what we are doing, there is abundance. I think the key to seeing this hinges our mind frame and expectations. If we expect to see abundance in the midst of where we are, we will. So this year I am expecting that no matter where I am or what I am doing, there will be abundance!


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