Acceptance and Joy

It is easy to underestimate the power of words and fail to recognize the impact that they can have on our lives until we are crushed or radically encouraged by them. In my case, this week these 2 simple words, spoken by a woman I just met, have had me walking with a bit more of a spring in my step because of how encouraged and blessed I was by them!

9 weeks ago today, I found out that I had the very beginning stages of a navicular stress reaction in my left foot. The doctor said 4-6 weeks and I would be back at it. But bones sometimes have a mind of their own and last week I had a CT scan to make sure it was healed. Unfortunately, it still shows signs of healing and they recommended another 3 weeks of cross training. I was fully convinced that it was healed, so this felt like a punch in the gut, but life moves on.

Over the years of running and injuries, my goal has always been to accept wherever I am with joy and make the most of it. I have seen way too many people waste weeks and months grumpy because they can’t run and I am determined to not be one of those people. There is so much more to life! So with this injury the goal has been no different: I have accepted it and choose daily to walk in joy.

This isn’t a goal that I advertise, nor is my injury and the current journey I am on even known by the woman in this Bible study who said these words, but man have they hit home! She told me she was getting the words acceptance and joy for me and that she sensed that God was so pleased with the way that I accept things, trust that I am where I am supposed to be, and live with joy. When I heard her say that I was thinking “whhhaaat?” She had no way of knowing that, as we had just met! Clearly God sees my heart and recognizes my choice to trust Him and live with His joy as my strength. Empowered by this, I will keep pressing forward in acceptance and joy, knowing that no matter where I am or what I am going through, I want acceptance and joy to continue to define my life.