Learning to Rest

We live in a fast paced, productive-driven society and I believe the art of resting is one that is too often neglected. From birth we learn that we have to be doing something with our time and apart from the hours we spend sleeping, rest is seen as an unproductive waste of time. And until 2 weeks ago, I believed this lie.

I previously thought I was good at “resting”, but have come to realize that my version of resting was sitting down while getting something done. I thought that was true resting, but really that is society’s acceptable definition of resting in light of the need to get things done.

So, I have spent the last 2 weeks learning the art of resting. I entered this season heavy burdened and exhausted. I sat around and did nothing, watched movies, invested in relationships and had blessed conversations, but mostly sat around. At first, it was a challenge. I was tempted to get up and do things because I felt so unproductive. But the more time I spent learning the art of resting, the more time I wanted to spend there. I¬†was amazed as I witnessed God’s faithfulness to restore and refresh me in the midst of what felt mostly like nothingness. But the difference was incredible! I leave this 2 week season feeling whole, refreshed, and ready to conquer whatever comes my way!

While the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in a season of rest in our busy worlds is hard to come by, if we can get better at taking little moments to rest throughout the week, I don’t think we will need such long periods of rest. So as I leave this season, my goal is to work on learning to allow myself these times of rest when I need them.¬†Ultimately, I think it hinges on my own ability to give myself the freedom to slow down and rest. When the world moves in a blink of an eye, slowing down and taking time to rest can leave you feeling guilty if you let it. But after spending 2 weeks resting, I have a greater appreciation for the power of rest and will continue to press into learning to rest. From what I have experienced so far, it is well worth it!