Planting Seeds

Lately I have been noticing how sometimes we spend time seeking after things or adding new things into our lives and we are disciplined in doing so, but we don’t really see the results of our efforts.  This could be anything: spending more time with your family, seeking after God, implementing a new program at work, increasing your amount of physical activity, forgiving past wrongs, etc.  Despite the time and energy invested in the endeavor, nothing is manifesting from your attempts.  While at this point it is tempting to throw in the towel and say that nothing is changing, we have to trust in the process.

imagesWhat I have learned recently in regards to this process is the idea of planting seeds.  When you plant a seed, you don’t instantly gain a tree.  Instead that seed has to be watered and tended too and slowly but surely it will sprout.  Then, with continued love and attention, it grows and grows and grows until it is a tree.

I believe that the same is true with new things that we implement into our lives.  When we start adding them, we are just planting the seed.  Every time we invest in cultivating that practice, we are tending to the seed.  Over time the seed will continue to grow until one day the seed sprouts and we will begin to see the result of the time we invested.  We have to be confident that we will reap benefits down the road from the time and effort that we are investing now, even if nothing is showing from it.  One day we will live in the fruit of the seeds that we are planting today!


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