The Heart of a Champion

At church a few weeks ago we had a panel of people from within the church who were deemed “champions”.  When we hear the word champion, our first thought goes to athletic champions, but this panel challenged me to see the possibility for champion status within all of us, no matter what we are fighting for.  If we can all be champions in an area of life that we are passionate about, the only question that remains is, do you have the heart of a champion?  These are some of the qualities I learned about and aspire to carry on my own journey:

1) all champions walk through challenges, battles, and defeat
2) behind every champion are other champions (family, friends, coaches, coworkers, etc.) who believe wholeheartedly in the champion and support them
3) they have learned to love defeat, grow from it, and bounce back
4) champions acknowledge the mental side and train their minds to believe it is possible, no matter what the world says
5) what others may deem as a sacrifice, champions see dedication as a passionate, joy-filled pursuit of a goal
6) champions recognize and acknowledge their weaknesses as endless room for growth, rather than shy away from them
7) they are passionate about making other champions by pouring into the lives of others

While I am sure there are many other qualities that champions possess, these are the ones I am going to strive after.  We can all be our own version of a champion if we find a cause we are passionate about and fight for it unrelentingly.  Let’s get to it, for our world needs more champions!


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