Calling out Truth

“We respond to our environment according to the way we see ourselves.  Words spoken to us become names we carry in our hearts.  These names paint a portrait of us in our imagination and become the lenses through which we view our world. ….We will always act out of who we believe we are…”(62-63)

I have been slowly reading a book entitled The Supernatural Ways of Royalty and when I came across this quote it got me thinking: Who do I believe that I am?  What are the words that people have spoken over me and are speaking over me that I carry in my heart?  Through what lenses am I viewing the world and how is that impacting my reactions to the world around me?  I believe these are questions we should all be asking ourselves.

As I have reflected on these questions, I discovered that some of the things people have spoken over me that are implanted in my heart are not truths about me.  It is time to challenge and replace those ideas!  And, at the same time, I can identify a multitude of truths that have been spoken over me and have helped shape me to who I am today.  I am so grateful for the people in my life up to this point who have spoken these truths over me and for those who will do so going forward.

While I know I still have a lot to learn, I am now more aware of what I believe about myself and what I allow people to speak over me.  In our world, there are so many people speaking things over us and we can choose what we give our attention to and how we spend our time.  We need people in our lives who are calling us into greatness and stirring up in us belief in what we can do.  I believe that anything can be possible with an unwavering belief in ourselves and a support system who pours truth into us.  It’s time to start believing and have people around us who believe too!


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